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From 2012 through 2017 I worked for Creative Commons* through its subsidiary from my home just outside of Vancouver.

My entire career has been in the education sector with a special focus on use of educational technology for adult learning. About 50% of my work experience has been in the private sector and 50% in the public sector. I’m conversant and comfortable in both sectors. I’ve particularly enjoyed the international education I’ve been part of and leading innovation around online learning.

I have four degrees including a B.Sc in Biology, a B.A. in Psychology, a B.Ed in Education, and an M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Global Change.

I started out as a school teacher working with autistic children but quickly moved to adult education specializing in use of technology to support teaching and learning. Within the adult learning and educational technology space I’ve had a wide range of jobs including:

  • working for a small high tech company called Up & Running Systems developing and delivering training courses for adults on the use of Macintosh desktop publishing, graphics, and multimedia software during the 1980’s hey day of Apple
  • development and distribution work for Educational Motivation Systems – a publisher of educational books & games
  • revision of Canada’s national curriculum for air traffic controllers
  • manager for Hughes Aircraft of Canada responsible for development and delivery of mission critical international air traffic control education programs in Switzerland, Indonesia, China and Canada
  • creation of a new technical university, the Technical University of British Columbia – now part of Simon Fraser University
  • researcher work on on CANARIE funded eduSource Canada and SSHRC funded Community University Research Alliance (CURA) Mapping Quality of Life & the Culture of Small Cities initiatives
  • adjunct faculty for Royal Roads University co-developing and teaching an online course called International and Global Distance Education for their Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program
  • executive leadership work at BCcampus providing online curriculum development and professional learning/online communities services for the entire public post-secondary system of British Columbia including all twenty five universities and colleges
  • Associate Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons
  • and co-author of Made With Creative Commons a book about open business models that show how it is possible to combine the commons with the market and state in sustainable ways.

It has been an amazing journey in both the private and public sectors.

In this Edtech Frontier blog I write extensively about the “Open” sector. While my work has been particularly focused on the development and use of Open Educational Resources it also encompasses Open Access, Open Source Software, Open Data, Open Government, Open Policies and Practices, and other related open initiatives. I’ve been using Creative Commons open licenses as part of my work since 2003 and helped relaunch the Creative Commons Canada affiliate.

I’ve come to see “open” as a fundamental shift in society that generates global social and economic benefits. I’m now really interested in activities that are treating the commons holistically encompassing both physical / local commons with digital / global ones.

My complete CV is available at:

Paul Stacey’s complete Curriculum Vitae (CV)

(* 0941176 B.C. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Commons, the sole activity of which is to provide services to Creative Commons and is operated separate from the Creative Commons Canada affiliate.)

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Paul – I am a consumer advocate dealing with electricity issues. I am giving a presentation Wednesday the 6th on how to re-energize the move toward dynamic pricing (time-varying pricing). I am writing to ask permission to use a graphic I saw on your edtechfrontier website tonight, that shows very nicely the Moore diffusion curve with the “chasm” – I am going to say to these folks, mostly developers, utilities and advocates for the smart technology that permits the smart rates, that the industry is still on the left side of the “chasm” and needs a strategy for trying to jump across. Your graphic would be fabulous for this purpose. May I have your permission to use it?
If you have any questions, my email is

Many thanks.
Nancy Brockway

Comment by Nancy Brockway


I’m guessing you’re referring to the crossing the chasm diagram I use in the Oct. 2010 Foundation Funded OER vs. Tax-Payer Funded OER – A Tale of Two Mandates. Agree this diagram applies to a wide range of innovations. You can use my diagram or alternatively the Creative Commons licensed version on Wikimedia at


Comment by godsvilla

HI Paul,

I am a student in the Vancouver island University’s Online Learning and Teaching Graduate Diploma. Our present course is OLTD 505 Open Educational Resources, taught by Alec Couros. We are hoping to have people from outside of the course join in. Please check out our Blog posts at We can also be found on Twitter at #oltd505.

Hope to hear from you,

Jane Jacek

Comment by Jane Jacek

[…] co-founder and former director of MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Chris Csikszentmihályi, and Paul Stacey, from Creative Commons, who will close the event with an interactive keynote titled “Global […]

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Hello Paul,
I am a student of a PhD in Online Learning. I have found that there are diferent articles about the universities with the “Best Practices in Online Learning”. But I can not find them. Could you help me please? Thank you so much, Kind regards, Ana Ortega

Comment by Ana Ortega

Hi Paul. Have you done an update to this 2013 article about MOOCs? I’ve participated in several cMOOCs since then.

Comment by tutormentor1

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